Welcome to Hayleystyle.de.vu, your Style Source for the Singer of Paramore. Learn how you can look like her. We provide Exact or Similar clothing matches. Have fun!

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I'm Back!

Hey Guys! I'm back, again ;]
Work was stressful and i had no time to update this site! But now i'm here with new styleguides and very good news. Paramore is Nominated for the Grammys! Isn't it great? Yesterday i was on the Paramore Concert in Cologne, it was so awesome .. and warm x)

7.12.09 11:00


I've added 1 new Styleguide for the Outfit that Hayley wears on the new Video Brick by boring brick

15.11.09 20:24

2 more new Styleguides

Hey Guys! I've added 2 new Styleguides this day. I Hope you like them.

And pleeease send me Mails for Affilation, i need much more visitor :]
10.11.09 14:21

Just a small Update, again!

haylestyle grows and grows :] I hope you enjoy the small Updates everyday. I need more affiliates and Visitor here :] Would/Can you help me? If you want an affilation please send me an Email to hayleystyle@web.de, you can write in English oder German :]

xoxo Laura
4.11.09 20:40

Just one :]

I'm ill, so Actually i should be in my Bed but i have to do one Update, it's just a little - haha :]

3.11.09 20:22

The first Update

Hey Guys, i've added the first Styleguides on hayleystyle. I hope you enjoy them :]

3.11.09 10:30


So welcome to Hayleystyle.de.vu your new Style Source Site for Hayley Williams. Here you can find the original or Similar Style of her. Because we are new, we try to Update the whole day for new Guides. I hope you Support our Site, that we become more famous. If you have any questions, please go on our "Site/www"- Site on Contact us. Thank you! I hope you will have much fun here :]
2.11.09 13:17

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