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I grew up in Meridian, Mississippi, listening to all the stuff my parents listened to in their cars, which was anything from Boston to Aretha Franklin. Eventually, I got into ‘N Sync, whom I credit for any ounce of talent I may or may not have. heh. I was always so shy and had serious case of stage fright, but I knew I wanted to sing…and I knew I wanted to be part of a great band. Around the time I was eleven, I wanted to start taking music seriously. Although, there weren’t many opportunities to sing in public other than at a church or a school talent show, I got over my shyness and sang wherever I could to gain experience. Thankfully, by the time I was thirteen, my family and I moved to Franklin (Tennessee). I immediately tried out for a funk/rock cover band called The Factory, and that’s where I met Jeremy. We always joked about being in other bands and getting big. Outside of music, I had no friends whatsoever. So, I quit going to public school and started school at a once a week tutorial. My first day there, I met Zac and Josh. They were already in a band and after watching them practice I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I was hoping for a while that they would ask me to come sing or at least write a song or two with them. Finally, they did…thank God.

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